California State University & General College Requirements

"a-g" requirements are the 15 -18 high school classes that are required to attend most 4 year colleges/universities.

California State University Admissions Requirements

You will qualify for regular admission as a first-time freshman if you


General 4-year University Admissions Requirements (can vary by College & University)
  • Complete A-G requirements with a C grade or better
  • Get involved in your community through sports, clubs, work, and/or volunteering
  • Take SAT/ACT


2-year Community College


Career & Technical Programs
  • Graduate from high school
  • Take classes at your high school that will help prepare you for your program
    ex: take Auto Shop, Culinary Arts, or Wood Shop
  • Discuss your path with your HS counselor and any support program advisors
  • Career & Technical Programs @ College of the Redwoods


The "a-g" courses also give you the skills to be prepared for college classes, so even if not required (for community college admissions, for instance) these classes will still help you advance.

For most 4 year college admissions, you will need to pass these classes with a C- or better. For competitive colleges/universities, you will want to complete not just the required but also the recommended "a-g" classes and get all A’s and B’s.


Free Online A-G Classess
Not every highschool in California offers the full A-G curriculum that a student needs to complete to be eligible for the CSU or UC admissions requirements. offers these high school classes online for students to complete. Read more about it here