College Requirements

Preparing for a post-high school path is an exciting time. Here, you'll find tips for preparing for 4-year Universities, 2-year Community Colleges, and Career and Technical Programs. 

California State University Admissions Requirements

You will qualify for regular admission as a first-time freshman if you


General 4-year University Admissions Requirements (can vary by College & University)
  • Complete A-G requirements with a C grade or better
  • Get involved in your community through sports, clubs, work, and/or volunteering
  • Take SAT/ACT


2-year Community College


Career & Technical Programs
  • Graduate from high school
  • Take classes at your high school that will help prepare you for your program
    ex: take Auto Shop, Culinary Arts, or Wood Shop
  • Discuss your path with your HS counselor and any support program advisors
  • Career & Technical Programs @ College of the Redwoods


Free Online A-G Classess
Not every highschool in California offers the full A-G curriculum that a student needs to complete to be elegible for the CSU or UC admissions requirements. now offers these high school classes online for students to complete. Read more about it here