Videos & Podcasts for Motivation, Guidance, & Self-Care

TED Talks for High School Students
11 talks to inspire you!

Step Up To College - Preparing for College (21 minutes)
This inspiring video can help you understand how to start on the path of preparing for college

 Step Up To College - Understanding College Fit (23 minutes)
Another inspiring video on what to think about when looking for a college, what options exist, and how to know if a college that you are considering would be a good choice for you.

 Step Up To College - Applying to College (17 minutes)
The third video in this series, this video helps explain the process of applying to colleges and the admissions options that exist.

Peterson's Blogs and Videos (library of content)
Find blogs, podcasts, and videos on everything from interesting careers and how to get there, to advice on getting to college and being in college.

The College Board Big Future YouTube Channel (library of content)
Videos on a variety of topics such as searching for colleges, paying for colleges, making a college plan, and much more!

7 Tips for Choosing a College List (8 min)
Angie Kim gives great advice on how to "Create a Kick Ass College List".

College Search: How to research colleges online (5 minutes)
More great advice on how to research a college without visiting in person.

Admitn' It Podcast
Admissions & College Readiness Podcast