12th Grade

It’s go time! Get ready to apply!


  • Meet academic requirements for college by taking A-G classes. Take any summer school classes needed to maintain a C- or higher in these classes.
  • Register for a Senior SAT and/or ACT exam. Prepare for and take college exams (SAT/ACT/CAASPP).
    Important Update for 2020 Spring Semester: The California State University (CSU) will temporarily suspend the use of ACT/SAT examinations in determining admission eligibility for all CSU campuses for the 2021-2022 academic year. This temporary change of admission eligibility applies only for the fall 2021, winter 2022 and spring 2022 admission cycles. You can read more about admissions adjustments here. Grades will be more important than ever, so stay on top of your academics!
  • Remember, colleges can rescind your admissions offer if your grades drop too far. So keep those grades up.

Financial Plans

  • Start to compile a list of scholarships to apply for, when they are due, and what is required in the application. Remember: Never pay for scholarship information.
  • Make decisions about student loans—and don’t forget to check submission deadlines.
  • Fill out the FAFSA on your own or through a school/local Financial Aid workshop as soon after Oct. 1 as possible.

College Prep

  • Research and select the college and career pathways that align with your strengths and passions. 
  • Take every opportunity to get to know colleges. Meet with college reps who visit your school, attend college fairs, review college websites, and visit campuses.
  • Decide which colleges to apply for! If you’re wait-listed by a college you really want to attend, visit, call, or write the admission office to make your interest clear.

Connecting & Support Resources

  • Volunteer, intern, and gain work experience this summer. Find opportunities that align with different career interests.
  • Ask a school counselor about applying for support programs like TRIO Upward Bound or TRIO Talent Search.

Applications, Transcripts, & Acceptance

  • Review your acceptances, compare financial aid packages, and visit your final choices if possible.
  • Ask the counseling office to send first semester transcripts to schools where you applied and to send your final transcript to the college you will be going to.
  • Complete and turn in housing applications if you plan to live on campus.
  • Submit your application for financial aid and scholarships.
  • Community College applications open in March. Apply early!
  • Commit to a college and make your deposit by May 1. Notify your school counselor and let other colleges know you won’t be attending. Send your deposit by the postmark date of May 1.